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Real Estate

At Dodson CPAs we have are a highly specialized real estate CPA firm.We understand the industry and most of us are investors ourselves.The tax code has almost been rewritten for the real estate industry.There are many items that real estate investors need to consider:


  1. How can we maximize depreciation?

  2. Are we eligible for the new qualified business income deduction?

  3. What is a cost segregation study?

  4. What is an IRC 1031 exchange?

  5. What are passive losses and how can I avoid these rules?

  6. What is the net investment income tax and why am I paying it?

  7. What are the tangible asset regulations and how can we benefit from them?

  8. What entity is right for our real estate operations and why does it matter?

  9. What are the dealer rules?


We are advocates for our client’s success and we are entrepreneurial in our approach in answering these questions.

We offer the following services to our clients in the real estate industry:


  • Accounting Solutions Including Cloud-based Accounting and Billing Systems

  • Compensation Planning

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Cost Segregation

  • Partner and Employee Compensation Plans

  • Retirement Planning Implantation

  • Succession Planning

  • Tax-Favored Entity Structures

  • Year-Round Tax Planning

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