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Relationally-Driven | Technologically-Advanced | Results-Oriented

Relationally Driven


Service should go beyond tax returns and compliance projects.  We want to develop professional relationships that aren't driven by tax return due dates, billing questions, and a need to put in an annual lunch but rather driven by a common purpose to help your business be successful in the long-term.  

We are trusted advisers rather than vendors.  We believe in getting to know your business.  How can anyone claim to be an adviser without understand the critical issues their clients are facing.  We aim to assist clients with tax planning, consulting and provide advice on how clients can set up and operate their business in the best economic and most tax efficient manner.   This requires a commitment to getting to know clients and their businesses.  

We don’t believe in hourly billing.  Time-entry billing creates an experience where clients receive surprise bills for a lunch or phone call, and tend to avoid asking questions or wanting to meet with their CPA altogether to avoid a fee.  We believe in an honest up-front pricing arrangement that both parties agree and one where there are no surprise billings such as charges for quick phone calls, lunches, emails, etc. 


Technologically Advanced

Like all businesses, technology is transforming the accounting profession.  Rather than fight against technology, we are early adopters and implement the best software available. We are fully engaged in cloud accounting and are assisting companies in making that leap.  We are paperless and can work anywhere there’s internet.  We use state-of-the-art tax software that reduces margins for error and delivers better results for our clients.   We are paperless, environmentally friendly and a technologically engaged accounting firm.

Results Oriented

We care about you and your business, and convey this through our “how can we help” attitude.  In accounting, we look for ways to achieve accurate financials with the lowest effort and cost utilizing automation and cloud-based technology.

In taxation, we begin our relationship by organizing goals to achieve accurate, ethical tax returns and make sure that our clients are achieving the most favorable results in terms of taxes paid.  To do this, annually, we project taxes, revisit our tax plan, and see if there’s any last-minute ideas to put into place before year-end.  At delivery, we review the actual tax return vs. our projection and again revisit the overall tax plan. 

Experienced Advisors

Our team is passionate & has over 20 years of accounting & tax service experience.


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

We understand tax law and technology, and proactively keep up with changes and seek to educate ourselves on all aspects of business.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Our group has served many industries in various capacities for generations.


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